Spectacle Lenses

The choice of the correct lens for your new spectacles is essential to offer you optimal vision and maximum visual comfort. Our experienced professional staff will discuss your vision needs with you and offer impartial advice as to the best lens for your specific visual tasks.

When considering the optimum lens for your needs we need to take into account a number of different factors. Obviously the type of lens is critical and will be determined by what use you intend for your spectacles. Our branches can offer a full range of lens types from basic single vision, single task lenses through to the most advanced, individualised, point focal progressive addition lens types. During your discussions with our refraction and dispensing team you will be asked questions relating to your lifestyle, work and hobbies and this information will assist them to advise you on the most appropriate lens form for your needs. 

Modern lenses are available in a vast range of materials. Unfortunately such a large choice of materials can be bewildering and it is difficult to decide what is best for your new glasses. Our dispensing team are trained to understand the benefits and features of the materials available and can use this skill offer you thinner or stronger lenses depending upon your needs. Combining modern high index resin lens materials with aspherical lens surfaces also allows us a much greater control over the final appearance of your spectacles. 

Any pair of spectacles is only as good as the lenses mounted in them and at Thomas H. Collison Ltd we believe you should be wearing the best lenses for your needs. All lenses are subject to wear and tear throughout their lives and that is why we recommend surface treatments to reduce the effects of daily wear. The performance of any spectacle lens is also reduced due to reflections from the lens surfaces. We recommend you consider a hard multi-coat anti-reflection coating on your spectacles to reduce these effects and also to make your lenses look even better. This type of coating is particularly helpful in reducing glare effects from car headlights and VDU screens. It is also essential if you want the best cosmetic appearance from your lenses.  

Although modern lens materials are very good at absorbing the harmful ultraviolet radiation in sunlight there will be occasion when you need an increased level of protection. Ultraviolet radiation causes glare and eye fatigue as well as having long term health implications concerning cataract and other ageing issues. You new spectacles can help protect against these effects by using ultraviolet absorbing tints or light reacting lenses. Our staff will discuss the potential benefits of these lens type with you.


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