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Regular aftercare appointments with your contact lens practitioner and frequent replacement of your contact lenses are essential to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

Thomas H. Collison Ltd have made this easier with our Frequent Replacement Schemes. Pay by Direct Debit and you can not only be sure you will get your regular shipment of lenses and solutions but we will also ensure you are seen as part of a personalised care regimes. You even get discount on our extensive ranges of spectacles and sunglasses.

Direct debit is the best way to buy contact lenses from Thomas H. Collison Ltd.

To see how you may benefit from joining one of our comprehensive frequent replacement schemes contact your local branch.

Overview of Direct Debit Benefits*

Solutions    All recommended solutions included in your monthly fee
Aftercare     All aftercare appointments included in your monthly fee
Appointments    Automatic Recall included in your monthly fee
Shipment    Automatic shipmant to your branch every three months
Discounts    Discounts against new pairs of spectacles and sunglasses

* Benefits and quarterly supply of lenses subject to the patient making an initial purchase of 3 months supply of lenses and entering into a direct debit agreement. Subsequent supplies of lenses will only be supplied following receipt of covering payments.

Supply of lenses is subject to the regular attendance for aftercare.

If at anytime the direct debit is cancelled by the patient without prior consultation with the Company, the Company reserves the right to impose penalty charges to cover costs incurred.  


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