Proclear Daily Lenses

Feels like you're wearing nothing... all day long

Daily disposable contact lenses uniquely engineered with Proclear (utilising PC Technology); designed to

provide outstanding all-day comfort.

If you wear daily disposable contact lenses, you already know how convenient they are. Unfortunately, you also

know that those fresh new lenses that felt so comfortable in the morning don’t always feel that way – especially by

the end of the day. But now there are daily disposable contact lenses that do just that.


Advanced Technology and Comfort:

NEW Proclear 1 Day; You get all the convenience of a daily disposable contact lens, plus a level of all day comfort that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.



Whether you’re already wearing contact lenses and want to take a step up in comfort, or you’re new to contact lenses,

you should try Proclear 1 Day.


• You’ll enjoy the tried and tested comfort of Proclear

(utilising PC Technology™).


• PC Technology creates a unique lens material containing

phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules, found naturally in cells

throughout your body


• These PC molecules bind with water molecules to create a

“shield” of water around the lens, helping to keep them

moist and comfortable all day long.


Contact your local branch for your trial of Proclear 1 Day daily disposable contact lenses today.



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