Low Vision Eye Care

Unfortunately there are eye conditions that can affect sight in such a way that cannot be easily rectified by changing your glasses.

We believe it is important to be realistic when it comes to helping you maintain good sight and have developed an unrivalled level of experience in dealing with low vision.

Low vision can expose you to many over inflated claims regarding "strong" magnifiers or "special glasses. We believe that a low vision aid should only be supplied once you have been assessed individually by a suitably experienced optician. 

Whether you are seen in one of our many hospital based low vision clinics or in your local branch, we are confident that we can find a low vision magnifying aid that will suit your needs.

For more information on low vision services see our Fact Sheets page or for services and products available in your area please contact your local branch.


Colloptics is our preferred specialist Low Vision Supplier.

Visit their extensive site to view information and a selection of available devices.


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