Low Vision Fact Sheets

Thomas H. Collison offer an unrivalled level of experience, skills and expertise in the care, management and provision of low vision services.

We provide low vision services to a number of hospitals in the South East and provide low vision products to hospitals, local councils, charities and opticians across the country. Additionally we have helped to shape the future of low vision services through our work with national low vision and optical committees and supported extensive research work in the field.

As the largest Low Vision supplier in the South East we have access to a wide range of specialist low vision devices and also offer additional spectacle dispensing services for cosmetic and pathological conditions including ptosis and prosthetics.

For further information contact your local branch or contact our specialist low vision service on 01789244327.

We also publish a number of information leaflets on various aspects of low vision, vision supplements and low vision devices. These are available below.

Low Vision and Spectacles - what is low vision and why won't spectacles help?

Magnifiers - what are they and how do I use one?

Telescopic Spectacle Magnifiers - a overview

Glare - how and why does it affect my sight?

Viewing Techniques - how can I help myself?

Eye Health Supplements - an overview




Colloptics is our preferred specialist Low Vision Supplier.

Visit their extensive site to view information and a selection of available devices.


Click HERE to find out how.


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